Hypefactors Logo About Buck

What's Buck?

Buck is a media monitoring system by Hypefactors. It technically operates in a similar way as Google's crawler by automatically discovering, scanning and following links from one webpage to another.

How is Buck good for me?

This is great for your site! You are potentially getting noticed by brands and organisations all over the world, small and large. It may lead you to new and exciting opportunities, now and in the future.

Is this OK?

It's all good. Buck does not (and cannot) access private data. It also cannot compromise the security of your site nor that of your system. Akin Google's bot and many others, it follows all established policies and etiquette on crawling.

Buck respects your robots.txt file. It also adapts to your site update frequency.

How is the data retained?

Buck only stores data temporarily. It deletes any data that is older than 90 days.

How can we contact you?

If you want Buck to stop monitoring your site, you can simply configure your robots.txt accordingly. Alternatively you can reach out to us by the form below, and we will remove your site from Buck. No questions asked.